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Andis is your source for expert advice on grooming with clippers. Whether you are brand new to clipper cutting or are a seasoned pro, our Animal Grooming Series of how-to guides and videos will teach you step-by-by step! Best of all, these educational resources are free.

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Andis Dog Grooming 101: a beginner guide to grooming with clippers
With this new book, Dog Grooming 101: A beginner’s guide to dog grooming, the experts at Andis deliver the information you need to learn the art of pet grooming with Andis professional clippers, trimmers and grooming tools. From theory and best practices to techniques and pet anatomy, this new program will help ensure that novice pet groomers start off right.

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Large Animal Grooming 101: a beginner guide to grooming with clippers

ATTENTION: Physical copies of our grooming books are only available for shipping within the contiguous United States. If you live outside of the U.S., please view the digital editions above.